Marching For Life

They showed up on Parliament Hill Thursday by the thousands, politically incorrect and marching for life. The media ignored them, as pretty much happens every year.

The annual National March For Life is the biggest demonstration in Ottawa each year. The cause, rights for unborn children, is not fashionable. That so many of the demonstrators do so out of religious conviction makes it doubly unfashionable.

Journalism may be objective in its coverage – but deciding what you cover means taking sides. If the rally had been in favor of abortion or against the government, there would have been coverage.

Those on the Hill know the government is going to ignore their concerns. The Prime Minister talks frequently about a woman’s right to an abortion, even though there is no such right in Canadian law. the myth of that right is so great that it goes unchallenged.

They come not because they expect change, but becasue they feel it is important to take a stand.

I dropped by as the rally was starting. It looked like about 5,000 people, a much smaller number than in pre-COVID years. I was told later in the day that many more had shown up after I left.

There was a counter-demonstration of course. I’d show a photo of the hundred or so people, but unfortunately their signs were offensive (and actually had nothing to do with abortion). No need to give them the platform. The seemed to think it was a personal contest between them and those taking part in the March for Life – and were probably infuriated that they were met with respect.

I didn’t listen to any of the speeches. but I snapped a few pictures to share here. Next year I expect the crowd will be bigger.



  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    While I am in favour of women’s right to choose, the irony is that abortion has thinned the ranks of potential tax payers who could have ensured the retirement benefits of the oldsters whose government pensions are so inadequate.

    1. The increased immigration more than offsets the abortion numbers. They’ll take care of us old guys.

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