April Fools

A ten foot tall version of the Eiffel Tower fails to inspire when you are close to it, but if you didn’t realize it was a model you might be impressed.

I was waiting for later in the day to share with you the best April Fools jokes for 2023. Problem is, I can’t find any that I think are particularly funny.

Well, maybe the one about Tinder banning photos of men holding fish. Who knew that was a thing? Why isn’t it true? And how does a dead fish attract women?

Supposedly Pennsylvania was going to saw off new Jersey so it could have an Atlantic coastline. Amusing, but not plausible. For an April Fools joke to work it has to be somewhat believable, doesn’t it?

Turns out the Columbus, Ohio, public library doesn’t have a large boat filled with books that goes up and down the river. My first thought was, why not? It sounds like a great idea. Here in Ottawa we have Bookmobiles. I wonder if our library would consider running a bookboat on the Rideau Canal during the warmer months.

To suggest the Eiffel Tower could become the world’s biggest slide wouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone who can visualize the angles involved. Not to mention that there are probably a few alpine slides that are bigger.\

I could list a few more, but you get the idea. Is there a dearth of humor in 2023? Or have I just lost my sense of it?

Did your hear of any April Fools jokes this year that you found funny?



  1. WhistlePig Whiskey and Traeger Grills announced a new product called the ‘Still in a Grill’ to help consumers distill whiskey and grill at the same time. My husband was just about to tell his son-in-law about it when he realized it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

    1. I don’t know much about whiskey making, but wouldn’t the temperature difference have aroused suspicion? Nice one though – probably until you think about it

  2. pgallan@magma.ca · · Reply

    One of the best Apr

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