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It was a news alert in my email inbox. “California to require half of all heavy trucks to be electric by 2035.” My first thought was, front half or back half?

My next thought was: left half or right half? Yes, my mind is rather warped at times.

After that, I began to wonder how effective such a rule will be. I think it is great that California has a plan to reduce CO2 emissions and is following up on it. The idea of an elecric garbage truck appeals to me – it would probably be quieter.

The only way it will work though is if the state restricts the licensing of vehicles purchased elsewhere. Otherwise people who want to use non-electric vehicles will just purchase them out of state to avoid the law. That won’t help reduce emissions, and could harm California’s economy.

2035 isn’t that far away. For California to make this work they could probably use some help from vehicle manufacturers. Until electric vehicles can compete with gas guzzlers in terms of cost, specifications and ease of use, there will be a lot of energy spent on figuring out how to get around the regulations.

Human nature is like that.

Oh, it just occurred to me, maybe they mean the top half needs to be electric but not the bottom half.


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  1. Philip Allan · · Reply

    Politicians can legislate all they want, but that won’t necessarily make things happen, nor for that matter, will it improve the situation.

    With all the factories springing up to make EV batteries, and cars being touted, still only 10% of vehicles sold are electric. Those are still heavily subsidized and still far more expensive that gas or diesel powered ones.

    We don’t have the raw materials, nor the generating capacity nor the transmission lines and related infrastructure.

    As the latest gas tax puts the cost up another 3 cents per litre, government paybacks don’t come close to covering the increased costs from their inflationary measures, and they don’t even recognize that their carbon taxes ARE inflationary, despite the cost of food and everything continuing to rise.

    Announcements are one thing; delivering the goods a different beast all together.

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