Breaking The Fast

Muslims the world over are observing Ramadan, a month of daylight fasting. Many are thankful that this year Ramadan falls in April and May instead of June and July when the days are longer.

I was thinking more of travel than Ramadan yesterday, though some of my Muslim friends were on my mind. In Germany I would be invited to several iftar meals to break the fast. It would be a time of celebration – and sharing of sp[iritual stories.

The bower in the picture is located on the grounds of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. It was here that the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire would come to break hist fast during Ramadan.

There is no Ottoman Empire any longer, nor is there a sultan, though the current Turkish president probably fancies himself as such. Its remnants are on display throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul, which is definitely one of my favorite cities.

As the world begins to open up to travel, maybe a return trip is in order. But I don’t think I’ll get there this year. There is only so much available time and I have trips elsewhere already booked. I realized yesterday that I will be in six different countries in May.

Which sounds exciting, especially given how little travel people have done during the past two pandemic years. Much of it though will be work-related, with very little opportunity to do anything that would be considered “tourism.”

Still, they say a change is as good as a rest. And I have at least one UNESCO world heritage site that I intend to visit. Something to cross off my bucket list, if I ever make a bucket list.

I’m going to keep you guessing about that one for a while though.

Are you planning any big trips this year? Are you breaking your “travel fast” after all these months? Or are you waiting for the pandemic to recede a little further?


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