Pizza Time Again

I probably shouldn’t work on this blog when I am hungry. It can lead to strange results.

It was late afternoon Tuesday when I was pondering what to do about today’s post. Finish something I had started previously? Write something new? Recycle a classic?


I was leaning towards something new. I have a coupole of books I want to review. But my stomach was rumbling. I started thinking about pizza.

I thought that was a little strange – I already knew that I was preparing chicken tacos and a caesar salad for dinner. Definitely not pizza. But that got me to thinking about where pizza comes from, and as a result you have these thoughts from 2016 about a visit made in 2009.

The guidebook says this is the place. Not the birthplace of pizza, but where it was perfected. I guess you could call our visit to Naples a pilgrimage.

Antica Pizzeria de la Michelle has moved from its original location, but that doesn’t matter. The recipe is the same, and after all, the move did take place in 1930 (the place stated in in 1870).

It really is little more than a hole in the wall, not elegant by any means. Just as well really as we are not dressed for fine dining. It’s a backpacking tour, fancy clothes are a continent away. Which suits me fine – I hate dressing up for dinner.

Flatbreads with toppings are found in other cultures, but pizza was made famous in Naples, then grew up in North America. I’ve been told that many people are disappointed by Italian pizza, it’s not what they were expecting. Translation: it’s not like what we get at home.


Thin crust means I can eat one of each type, right? (I really did share with my wife.)

I already know that I’m not going to like this as much as the pizza from my favourite pizzeria in Ottawa. I like a thicker crust; Italians favour a thinner one. The advantage to the thin crust is that I will be able to eat the whole thing myself. When you are picky about toppings that’s a big advantage. Not that there is much choice of toppings here. Cheese or no cheese and that is it. They’ve been serving it that way for more almost 150 years; why tamper with a winning formula?

Compared to what I am used to, it is very inexpensive. Pizza and a cola is about five euros if I remember correctly. Being budget conscious I really appreciate that.

The pizza was delicious. I’d go back. I guess I would have to if I want to experience their pizza again. I didn’t ask if they delivered, but there’s an ocean in the way.


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