Hey John

The war in Ukraine has been taking up much of my thoughs these days. I have friends who have fled Kyiv for their safety, leaving some family members behind. I have several unfinished posts reflecting on the situation and the global politics involved.

At one time, I worked for a Member of Parliament who was in Ukraine during the Orange Revolution in 2004 and returned again in December 2013 to witness the protests that led to the overthrow of the Yanukovych government, an event that leads directly to the war that is being waged today. I have heard quite a few first-hand tales of what it was like to be there as history was being made.

My mind does work at times in mysterious ways. As I was considering the situation in Ukraine and what the Russian invasion might mean for the rest of the world, an old song popped into my head by American rocker Tonio K.

The song really has nothing to do with Ukraine. But my mind was making the connection as news stories were suggesting the conflict could be the beginning of a world war, possibly a nuclear one. Which brings to mind the idea of a Biblical apocalypse.

Which is what the song is about, as Tonio K looks at the Apostle John’s end-times prophecy found in the book of Revelation. The lyrics are below, you can listen to the tune by clicking on the link above.

And those are my random thoughts for today.

Hey John – Tonio K

hey john i read your book
i finally had to take a look
and you know i tried to close my eyes
and claim it’s all made up of lies, but

hey john, i can’t deny
you sure as hell could prophesy

you know you said that in the end
jacob would reclaim the land
well, that happened not so long ago
after two thousand years without a home
you said the arab nations would unite
and then surround the israelites
and that peace would depart every door
leaving war and wars and rumors of war
yeah you knew it then, you knew somehow
exactly what’s going on right now

and you people didn’t have no jet planes then
there wasn’t no icbm
wasn’t no chinese army with two hundred million men
so what are you doing talking about them?
you describe a fire beyond belief
sounds like a flash of ground zero to me
heavy weather, earthquakes everywhere
the oceans dying and the useless air, and

hey john, i can’t deny
you sure as hell could prophesy

oh, and hey john, you tell your boss
there’s some of us down here still lost
people everywhere claim to know the truth
but we’re stubborn, john, and we need the proof
’cause we made a god out of the mind
we laughed and left all faith behind
no, i’d like to make another start
lose my mind and use my heart
and you know, john, it’s hard to turn around
after six thousand years of sinking down

i know, i know, i’ve got to choose
and eternity is a lot to lose
so don’t ask me why i hesitate
i don’t know how long it’s gonna take
but hey john, i’m gonna try
and live some other kind of life
can you give me just a little time
’cause man, you sure could prophesy


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