Monday Rolls Around Again

A busy weekend has left me with no time to finish the post I had intended for today. Rather than skip posting, I thought you might like to see this – it’s been four years since I first shared it.

This image came to mind as the past couple of evenings I have been out late – and so have the local deer. Driving home in the dark I have been keeping an eye out for them. While a few have crossed the road in front of my car, we have had no close collisions – I guess they were watching for me as much as I have been for them.

years ago, when I did morning radio I used to tell a couple of jokes each morning on-air. It was an interesting experience, for me anyway.

My sense of humor is at times a little twisted, or so I have ben told. Some people really enjoyed my jokes. Others were ready to strangle me. If you feel like that right now, because you didn’t think the joke was funny, I understand. I’ll try and do better tomorrow.


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