Fast Cars

Sometimes you don’t know what to choose. Ever had that problem?

I always am ambivalent when choosing an in-flight movie. And it isn’t just the wealth of choices. Some movies you know demand a theatre experience. Watching them on the back of an airplane seat isn’t the best.

Then there’s time constraints. If you only have 90 minutes left in your flight, there is no point in starting a two-hour movie. In those cases I frequently watch a movie I might not have otherwise.

Which may explain why I watched Ford v Ferrari on my most recent flight. It was in the new releases – same section it was in on my previous flight, 11 months ago. I seem to remember reading some good reviews, so thought I would check it out.

If you like car movies, this  is a great one. I have never thought of myself as a car guy. But at least this was a more or less true story.

Ford v Ferrari is a noisy movie – lots of cars going around a track at high speed. Too many if you ask me. I thought the cars took centre stage, with not enough character development. I guess you don’t need to write much dialogue in such circumstances. And somebody liked the noise – it won an Oscar for best sound editing.

Matt Damon delivers an excellent performance, as does Christian Bale, but is that enough to save this film? Perhaps. In my mind theirs were the only two characters that had any depth.

I will admit I didn’t know the story of the competition between Ford and Ferrari and race car dominance in the 1960s. As I said, I’m not a car guy. I don’t remember paying attention to it at the time – and these days I still skip the racing stories in the sports section.

Probably what killed this movie for me was that from the outset you knew what the ending was going to be. It’s a Hollywood blockbuster, aimed primarily at an American audience. Would Hollywood have bothered with the film if the Italians were the winners?

Still, Ford v Ferrari is a story well told, and quite entertaining as an in-flight movie. But not something I would have paid to see in a theatre.

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  1. Really enjoyed this film although it’s called ‘Le Mans 66’ in the UK. Much better than the majority of car racing films I reckon.

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