Time To Smile

Time to smile a little today. I don’t need any reason other than that it is Thursday, do you?

A few years back I suggested that anyone who wanted to get in on the ground floor of an expanding business should consider a career in tattoo removal. I stand by that assessment.

This one should be titled: Welcome to 2020!

funny classroom jokes for kids

I knew there was a reason I didn’t have one of these…

Do you ever have days when you think you haven’t quite reached adulthood? You aren’t alone in that.

This one has to come with a disclaimer. I’m not a big fan of evolutionary theory – too many huge holes. The idea of a Creator makes more sense logically, especially when you realize how little we actually know.

But I have to admit I did chuckle at that one.


One comment

  1. There is plenty of evidence to support evolutionary theory and punctuated equilibrium. More likely the question is ‘who set this up?’

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