Heat of Summer

IMG_5102 srk

It has been hot in Sulzburg this past week, hotter than I like. Sometimes it feels like the heat has me moving in slow motion.IMG_5063 srk

There’s nowhere really to cool off. It isn’t like you can go to an air-conditioned movie theatre. They aren’t open.

There is a natural pool of sorts on the outskirts of the our village, but I have heard mixed reviews. The idea of cold water is appealing – but there is supposedly some sort of parasite in the water that causes skin discomfort. I’ll pass on that experience.

Saturday we went into the city, looking more for a different experience than for something cool. In Freiburg’s Seepark there was a nice breeze blowing by the lake and we found a bench in the shade. Hadn’t planned in it, but we stayed for almost six hours.IMG_5064 srk

Today has been just as hot, and I thought some pictures of snow might cool me down. Not that I have really seen snow here. Sulzburg doesn’t seem to get any.

But two years ago we were in Vienna for a weekend and it snowed while we were there. I meant at the time to share some of the photos and stories with you, but got sidetracked.

That’s why you have a picture today of Schönbrunn Palace, a place I haven’t mentioned before. It has more than 1,400 rooms and a long history, and if we get some cool weather soon maybe I’ll share some stories.

Today though it is just too hot. Even with pictures of snow.


  1. Did you go in the lake in Freiburg?

  2. The snow pictures helped! I really needed them. Thanks!

    Stay cool, my friend.

    1. You too! Texas is hotter than Sulzburg. But then again, yours is a dry heat…

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