Hanging In There


Real life isn’t quite like that of course. When you reach adulthood you quickly learn that the freedom you envisaged is much more restrictive than you expected it to be when you were a teenager. You can’t really do whatever you want.

Those of us who have passed that initial threshold of adulthood are the ones who are most likely to be wanting, when all is said and done, to go home. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we like it at home.

Except these days. After more than three months of COVID-19 restrictions, even the introverts among us are looking forward to the day when we don’t have to stay at home. When restaurants and theatres will be open. When we can take in a sporting event or a church service. (Where I live we can go to church, but singing through a mask just seems wrong.)

The good news is that probably sooner rather than later our society will ease into post-pandemic life. Things will never be quite the same though. Especially for those who lost a loved one in this recent time period. As a pandemic it hasn’t been as bad as predicted, but it has been a time of loss for many.

You really can’t do whatever you want these days, no matter how much of an adult you may be. I don’t want to wear a mask in the stores or on public transit – but with adulthood comes not just freedom (to varying degrees) but responsibility. They don’t always tell you that when you are younger.

This pandemic has given all of us an opportunity to re-evaluate, to look at where we are, were we want to be, and how we are going to get there. How are things looking to you? And for you?

I’m curious to hear – leave your thoughts below.


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