Impeaching Donald Trump

It doesn’t get much sadder. The United States has devolved into a cartoon democracy.

The House of Representatives will vote this week on two articles of impeachment. With the vote expected to follow party lines, a Senate trial is a certainty.

Certain also is his acquittal, as the Republicans control the Senate. The entire thing is an exercise in political posturing.

It seems to me that impeachment, as envisioned by America’s founders, was never intended to be partisan. It was to be a last resort, when a president had abused his office to such a degree that his (and her wasn’t a consideration back then) removal was necessary. It was not intended as a way of settling petty political scores – yet that is what it has become.

What makes it sad to me is that it does appear Trump did indeed abuse his office in his dealings with Ukraine, but there is no way his supporters will accept that. They are convinced the “establishment” is out to get him, no matter what.

Maybe they are right.

The idea of impeaching Donald Trump isn’t new. It started long before the November 2016 election that saw him win the US presidency.

The first time I remember it being mentioned was in April 2016. I thought about doing some research to see if I could find the first mention of the idea, but decided to leave that to you.

In April 2016 Donald Trump wasn’t president. He wasn’t even the Republican nominee for president. Yet there was already a “will he or won’t he be impeached” discussion. Is it any wonder his supporters are a bit paranoid?

What the Democrats are doing with this stunt, aside from degrading American democracy (if indeed such a thing is possible these days) is guaranteeing Trump a second term. There is nothing he can do now that will stop Republicans from turning out in record numbers next November.

The Democrats have one faint hope. On election day 2020 Donald Trump will be 74 years old. He’s in a high-stress job. Maybe his health will deteriorate and he will have to resign before then.

If his name is on the ballot, he will win. That may be why they are so desperate to mount a vain attempt at impeachment.


  1. InseasoNout · · Reply

    It seems to me, the question for the Republicans, if Obama behave the way Trump did, would they have let Obama get away with it.

    1. Good question for Democrats too.

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