Today’s Dilemma

It is Saturday. Election day in Canada is nine days away. Unless you are voting early.

My son suggested we go vote as a family today. He won’t be in the country on October 21, so he has to vote early or not vote.

For hi this is a simple election. He made up his mind who he was supporting before the campaign started, and nothing has happened to change his voting intentions.

As I write this, I still don’t know how I am going to vote. I like the policies of one party, the leader of another and can’t decide which local candidate deserves my support – if indeed any of them do.

So what am I supposed to do? Flip a coin at the polls this afternoon? Hope for divine revelation?

I haven’t been this torn over an election campaign in years. Maybe it comes from living outside of Canada for most of the year and not being as knowledgeable about politics as I used to be when I worked on Parliament Hill.  Maybe I have been let down by politicians one too many times.

Yet I want good government and firmly believe that each vote counts. Sometimes a riding is indeed won by a single vote. Imagine how you would feel if a candidate you favored lost because you forgot to go to the polls to cast your ballot.

I’m almost at the point of deciding to vote for the lesser evil, or at least the candidate and party that I perceive to be the lesser evil. That does strike me as rather negative though, even when you lay aside the conscious decision to pick something you consider evil. It is always better to vote for something or someone than to vote against it.

There is no reason why I must vote today, other than taking part in a family outing. I could wait another nine days and cast my ballot on October 21, hoping that between now and then some clarity emerges for me as to who I should support.

My worry though is that nine days will go by and nothing will have changed. Then what will I do?

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