Cell Phones And Schools

I have a confession to make. I managed to get through four years of high school without once using my cell phone during school hours.

When I look back at that, it wasn’t difficult. There were no cell phones when I graduated in 1972, so there was no temptation to use one.

From that experience, I know you can get through the school day without your phone, or any other technology for that matter – I am so old we didn’t have computers back then. Therefore, I was somewhat sympathetic when officials at Montreal’s St. Thomas High School announced a cell phone ban for their students.  I’m wondering if it will catch on. (For the record, this is the first time I have approved of anything done at St. Thomas. The school is just down the street from the one I attended, John Rennie High School, and we were bitter rivals in all things.)

It seems that every teenager these days carries a cell phone and is constantly in touch with their peers. There are those though who worry about young people being too dependent on electronic devices, to the detriment of their interactions with others.

Parents seem to be split on the subject. Some want to be in constant touch with their children, others see the advantage of children being able to concentrate on learning.

What is your view on this? I’m curious. I’ll leave the poll below open for a few days and we’ll see what the results are like.


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