Trash or Treasure


It only took a couple of hours to fill the dumpster. Who knows what else is still in the house?

One of my neighbors moved recently. I am a little hazy on the details but I gather they jumped at an opportunity in another province, leaving the place in care of their “adult” children. They were tenants, not owners, which made a rapid move easier I guess. IMG_20190904_0745096

The story I heard was that the landlord then decided to rent the place out to someone else, and those still in there had to move. (I wondered about the legality of the landlord’s actions – you can’t just turf a tenant – but I don’t have all the details.)

My neighbors were, to put it politely, interesting. They seemed to be operating a junk business of some sort. The man would go out on garbage day and bring back whatever he could scavenge that might have some value which . I had thought he sold the stuff, but looking at the dumpster I now wonder. The back yard was full of other people’s castoffs, and a source of regular complaints to the condominium corporation, as was his pickup truck filled with scrap metal.

I don’t know who is responsible for emptying the house. Somehow I think the children would be more likely to walk away from their parents’ mess than spend the money to clean it up. Probably the landlord arranged for the dumpster and is paying someone to empty the house. I hear there are new tenants waiting to move in.  IMG_20190904_0745024

It was the sheer volume of the junk that impressed me. Admittedly, it has been a while since I peeked into the back yard, but I wouldn’t have thought there was enough there to fill a dumpster. So some of the stuff must have come from inside the house.

The bin was empty when I left in the morning, overflowing when I returned in the afternoon. I’m wondering now if it be emptied and then re-filled in the coming days.

While the debris-filled dumpster doesn’t do much for property values, it does have one positive thing going for it. Looking at all that junk, I feel a little better about my ongoing efforts to get rid of things I no longer have use for.

When my turn comes to leave the house permanently, my possessions will be given away to someone who can use them. I’m not gonna be filling a dumpster.

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