Back To The Pantheon


The Pantheon is one of my favorite spots to visit when in Rome. Can I tell you why?

Part of it is definitely history. The building, now a Christian church, pre-dates Christianity. A lot has happened on this site over the years. It has been a place of worship for millennia.IMG_7194

I’m sure part is the design. Any other church would fix the hole in the roof; in this one it is intentional. It was raining on my first visit, many years ago. You don’t usually get to experience a rain shower inside a building. Just watch out for the puddle – it can be kind of slippery.

Part of the appeal may be the crowds – there is a steady stream of tourists, and probably a few locals. Some are there to worship, though it seems a little noisy and chaotic for that. Some may be there to see the tomb of the first Italian king, Victor Emmanuel or his grandson, Umberto.

Others may have been drawn to the Pantheon by the artwork or the architecture – and some probably with no idea what to expect – the place is a “must see” in their guidebook so they make sure to visit. Whatever the reason, millions of people visit each year.

The Parthenon wasn’t on my list of places to visit last time I was in Rome, but it seemed silly to not go in when we were walking right by it. Here are a few of the pictures I took that day. (If you want a larger photo essay, check out the posts from August 2018.)


  1. I love it too!

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