Tasty Confusion


For me it was a new twist on pizza-making. I think I liked it. But it did take me aback at first. Do you see what they have done with this one?

It was at Zeus 2, my favorite pizzeria in Germany. It is fairly new, an offshoot of Zeus Pizza which has been running for 25 years in another location. I forgot to take a picture of anything other than the pizza – the tiny restaurant is in a building that must be 400 years old, maybe older. The place is so small it doesn’t have a website.

What it does have is tasty pizza at reasonable prices. I gather the Zeus 2 location has been open about a year and a half. Unlike most of the pizza I have had in Europe, they don’t skimp on the cheese.

So I decided on my most recent visit that I should try the three-cheese pizza. Mozzarella, Edam and “salzkase” – salty cheese. I’ve had multi-cheese pizzas in many an establishment (and make them at home also) and have always enjoyed the mixture of tastes. But Zeus 2 doesn’t do it that way.

As you can see in the photo, what I got was a three-cheese pizza, with the cheeses separated. Each of the cheeses covered a third of the pie, they weren’t all mixed together.

It had never occurred to me before that someone would make a pizza that way, but why not? After all, if we can put toppings on separate areas of a pizza so that those who dislike mushrooms can avoid them, then why not do the same with cheese? I just wasn’t expecting it.

For the record, the salty cheese (at the bottom in the picture) was okay, but isn’t really a pizza cheese, it doesn’t melt enough. The Edam (at the top) was tasty, but my favorite was the mozzarella (on the right side. Does that make me a traditionalist?

One thing I do know is that the next time I am in Lippstadt I will be having a pizza. I just don’t know what type yet.




  1. did you eat the whole thing?

    1. Of course – but there were two of us.

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