Science Meets Religion


When I first saw the t-shirt in a store window I knew I had to buy it. Of course it would be on a Sunday and the store was closed.

For those who don’t speak German, the words are from of Genesis 1:3. And gott Sprach means “And God spoke.” Und es ward Licht is “and there was light.”

I’m more arts than science. In school I usually got good grades in maths and sciences, but I was more interested in literature, the arts and history. But I understood what the symbols on the t-shirt were, even if I didn’t understand the math. They are Maxwell’s equations, a mathematical formula for light.

I don’t know who came up with this concept for a t-shirt, and there are a few different versions available online (including in English; I wanted the German one because I live in Germany). Whoever it was, I wish I could thank them.

Too often there is a perception of people of faith, especially Christians, as being antithetical to science. A quick look at history (all history, not cherry picking specific incidents) shows that is not true. Science has grown and flourished as Christians have wanted to know more about the planet God has entrusted to them. Scientific progress flows from Christian belief. Faith does not stifle a desire for scientific creativity.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of that. I think the message of this t-shirt shows the synergy between faith and science. At the very least, I expect it might start a few interesting conversations when I wear it.




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