Behold the Lamb!


I think it is a cake, though I am really not sure. At least it isn’t an Easter egg.

Easter is this Sunday, for those who aren’t part of the Orthodox tradition. That means Friday is a holiday. Sunday as well. Monday too in many places.

I gather this Easter Lamb is a fairly popular dessert in Germany at this time of year> i don’t remember ever seeing one in Canada.

There is no real reason for a bunny at Easter, but a lamb makes sense. Jesus offered his life as a sacrifice, in the tradition of the Jewish Passover sacrifice, which was a lamb. In John’s gospel we read John the Baptist’s words about Jesus: “Behold the Lamb of God who tales away the sins of the world!” Yes, there is a definite association of the lamb with Easter. I won’t go into a long theological explanation here – you can either take my word for it or look it up yourself.

I do wonder though if the average German, seeing this cake in the stores at this time of year, understands its significance. I wonder if newcomers to Germany, already baffled by so much of this strange culture, realize the significance of the holiday. Probably not, unless someone tells them.

On Easter Sunday we will be having dinner guests from a tradition that doesn’t celebrate Easter. This lamb is for them. We will explain the Easter story, which some of them may have never heard before. We will talk about God, love, sacrifice and freedom.

Because Easter is about so much more than chocolate rabbits. Or a cake shaped like a lamb.



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  1. Nice!

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