Church Facades



I’ve been in this one before, and hope to visit it again, but this time I decided to pass given the length of the lineup. I don’t know if any other church has as long lines, but what other church has such history?

My family tolerates my affinity for church buildings. But they don’t indulge me.

In Rome that might be a good thing, given the number of churches in the city – more than 900. If we stopped to check out each one we passed by, we’d never get to our destination.IMG_7188

That is because I like going into each church I pass. There’s a message of faith and hope in each one. There are stories to be told. Even modern churches make a statement, one quite different from one built a couple of centuries ago. There is a message – if you are willing to hear.

Walking through Rome I could only, for the most part, snap pictures of exteriors. Most of the time I didn’t even do that. Going inside wasn’t on anyone else’s agenda. I understand that, even as I regret it.

I did get into three or four during the weekend. Those will show up in future posts. Today, I hope you enjoy these facades. Maybe on a future trip I will get inside these churches. I want to know their stories.


  1. Very nice to read that You love shooting Church photos. I do the same in Finland!

    Happy and safe travels!

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