That Church in Breisach


It is Sunday. If you don’t go to church today, at least you can look at a few pictures of one. Even if I can’t decide to spell it in English (St. Stephen’s) or German (St. Stephan’s)

No matter the name, this is an old church, first constructed in the 12th century. It has withstood the test of time, though you can see some places where repairs have been made. Those were not just due to its age.IMG_5804

Breisach, being right on the Rhine river, was a military target during the Second World War. Most of it, 85 per cent, as Allied forces crossed the Rhine. You wouldn’t know it today – the rebuilding efforts must have been massive.

This is an impressive church, all the more so when you consider its age. The stained glass is definitely newer – I presume the original windows were destroyed in the war. I think the place would hold a couple of thousand people at least.

The building is light and airy, which I found refreshing. Some cathedrals seem gloomy to me. Built on the heights, it dominates the town and is a tourist magnet. Certainly it was for me – we didn’t see much else of Breisach, though that was more due to time constraints.

A few pictures for you today, a few more tomorrow (I hope). As I predicted yesterday, I’ve been struggling with hotel internet.

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