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That Church Again – II

More photos of the interior of St. Stephen’s church in Breisach, about a 40 minute drive from our hone in Sulzburg. Tomorrow we will be remembering one of the pivotal days in Canadian history. Just thought you should be told in advance.

That Church Again – I

Today and tomorrow I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. These were taken, as were the photos in yesterday’s post, at St. Stephen’s church in Breisach. With churches I find there are similarities, yet each one is different. It is the attention to detail, the carving and craftwork, the art that sets each […]

That Church in Breisach

It is Sunday. If you don’t go to church today, at least you can look at a few pictures of one. Even if I can’t decide to spell it in English (St. Stephen’s) or German (St. Stephan’s) No matter the name, this is an old church, first constructed in the 12th century. It has withstood […]