Is This Really Necessary?


Germany, as anyone who lives here can tell you, is a land of rules and regulations. It is a minefield for newcomers who are going to make some minor transgressions of laws written and unwritten – and you can be sure your neighbors will tell you after the fact.

When I saw this sign though, I wondered about German common sense. You shouldn’t need a warning sign on a boat launch telling you not to drive your car into the river. Even those too young for a driver’s licence know large amounts of water aren’t good for internal combustion engines.

This being Germany, I guess there are rules about everything. Even when there shouldn’t need to be.

Then again, maybe this sign along the banks of the Rhine isn’t intended for Germans after all. Maybe it is aimed at tourists.

If that is the case, what do they think of our mental capacity? Have we just been insulted? Since I don’t have a boat, and am too smart to try and drive my car in the river, I guess I’ll never know.




  1. Neil Abramson · · Reply

    This might be a good sign to have in Canada now that marijuana is legal?! The Germans are just ahead of the game. I’m afraid it’s not hard to get ahead of us.

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