My wife said “you have to take a picture of that.”

I smiled and replied, “I already did.”

Yesterday was a day to wander. We left Sulzburg with some gentle snowflakes falling and hopped a train to Freiburg. No plans, just enjoy the day.

The snow turned to rain, more of a gentle mist really. We took the first tram from the train station, the #4 and decided to take it to the end. The idea was to see what looked interesting and come back to it.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was a store. Just before the end of the line, a place called Real that my wife said she had heard of before. Since we had no plans, we decided to check it out.

It seemed very familiar, much like a North American Wal Mart. It was very busy. I had been told that Wal Mart had opened stores in Germany and failed to establish a foothold. I have no idea why.  (Okay, now I do, but i didn’t when I wrote this post.)

It was there that I saw these shirts, and a mild cultural difference in marketing. See the packaging? Look closely.

The ones marked 1/1 are long sleeved. The ones marked 1/2 are short sleeved, as if you only have half an arm. Which I guess you do as far as fabric goes.

Seems somewhat lame when I write it, but it struck us both as an odd way to put things. I hope it seems that way to you too, otherwise I may look like an almost complete idiot.

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