Happy New Year!

No, I didn’t get it wrong. I know what day it is. Today is Christmas Day.

Think about it though. Maybe December 25 should be the first day of the year. Certainly the birth of Christ was momentous enough, even if not recognized as such at the time. Most of the world divides their calendar dates into before and after Christ (though now the politically correct refer to our times as C.E. – Common Era – rather than A.D. – Anno Domini, the year of the Lord. Changing the words doesn’t change the facts though.

That birth in Bethlehem was a new beginning, perhaps the pivotal point in world time. I say perhaps in deference to those who argue for the importance of the crucifixion and resurrection, though those would not have happened without Jesus first having been born.

Christmas Day is about beginnings, and not just for one small child. It was the beginning of a new relationship between God and humanity. The complexities weren’t completely known that day, but the promise was there: peace on earth and good will to all. World peace is something we as a race have aspired too for so long – maybe the day it became possible should be considered the beginning of the year as it signifies such an important beginning for our race.

Christmas Day was the beginning of the end for Satan, who I suspect was completely confused by what was happening in Bethlehem that day. What was God up to? Why a baby? Satan isn’t God; he can’t see the future. His dominance was finished that day, though he still has some diminishing power. Like ISIS, he fights on, not being willing to admit the war is over and he has lost. His hope is to at least take some down with him, to prevent them from having a relationship with God.

Christmas Day was the beginning of a social revolution unparalleled in human history. The world was turned upside down, or maybe that should be right-side up. “Blessed are the poor;” “blessed are the meek;” “blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.”  Where do the poor, the meek or the righteous fit in to the power structures or our society? Yet they are the ones upon whom God’s favour rests. The elites don’t get it, but there is a new beginning and true social justice that started at Christmas.

So Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas too. Christ is born, and the word will never be the same.

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