Did You Know…

… the snow globe was invented in Vienna?  Neither did I, until I saw this sign on a snow globe display at one of the many Christmas markets on now in the Austrian capital. IMG_4994

I’m not sure the display sign should be considered accurate either. I looked it up in Wikipedia, and I think it might be more accurate to say the snow globe was first patented by someone from Vienna.

I was looking for a souvenir of the trip, but a snow globe wasn’t on the possibilities list. I already own one snow globe, and it has seen better days, as you can see here.

I don’t know if all snow globes eventually have a water problem. The one I own was inexpensive. Actually, it was cheap. Maybe the more expensive ones are sealed well enough that they never lose their water – but do I want to pay to find out? I don’t think so.

In the end I wound up not really making a decision on souvenirs. My wife chose a couple of magnets for the fridge, and that is good enough for me. Just a little something to jog the memory.

Once I go through the photos I took on the trip I will share some of them with you. I think I got some good ones, though my camera was malfunctioning for part of the trip. Until then, snow globes are the order of the day.



  1. Hi there! That particular *type* of snow globe may have been invented in Vienna, but snow globes appeared several decades earlier as souvenirs at the Paris Exhibition in 1889. Several examples (all in museums or private collections) still exist.
    How do I know this? I make snow globes for a living, and their history fascinates me.

    1. I’m fascinated that anyone makes snow globes for a living. I had assumed they were all machine made in China.

      1. There are only a few of us left in the United States, but we make them one at a time. 🙂

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