Random Thoughts For Tuesday

I realized last night, as I was watching football online, that it was probably the first time in five years I had not done a thematic blog post for Canadian Thanksgiving. And it isn’t because I am not thankful.

After a year in Germany the rhythm of the holidays I am used to has been disrupted. Thanksgiving here is a religious event, not a national or even local holiday, and the Sunday chosen seems somewhat flexible. We just had Reunification Day (commemorating the reunification of East and West Germany) and All Saints Day (also known as Reformation Day) is coming up in a few weeks. Remembrance Day, November 11, which is a big thing in Canada, isn’t even a blip on the radar here.

Still I did remember that Monday was Thanksgiving and while there was no turkey dinner, I did watch a Canadian Football League match. And took time to reflect on all the good things God has given us here.


It is October, and for Germans that means Oktoberfest. Or so I always understood. Living here though, I wonder. No-one has mentioned the festival to me. In Sulzburg yesterday I saw a poster advertising an Oktoberfest event – apparently it is a one-day thing here, not the 30 days or so in Munich. I’ll probably miss it, we have dinner guests that evening. Maybe next year – but that is what I said last year.


Feeling the need to take in some live music I looked at what options I might have within close driving/train distance. Found some concerts that seemed appealing, but balked at the price.

In Canada in recent years I have tended to buy cheaper seats for concerts. Chalk it up to my Scottish heritage. Or limited funds. Cheaper means less than $100 a seat, which still strikes me as ludicrous, given that I remember when I would pay in the $4-10 range for major shows.

Here though I have not been able to find a show I wanted to attend with ticket prices under the equivalent of $200 Canadian. There are bands I would be willing to pay that much to see – but not for the cheapest seats in the house. For that price I expect front row.

Maybe the tickets are cheaper in northern Germany, which also gets more concerts, but when you factor in travel costs, including hotel, so far there hasn’t been anyone I wanted to travel to see.


I suddenly realized that if the hockey season has started in Canada, it probably has in Germany also. Last season I only made it to one game of the Freiburg Wolves of the Bundesliga. I promised myself I would make it to more this season. As a Canadian it is almost a national duty to support the local team.

I distinctly remember signing up for the team’s mailing list. But I have received no emails. The Ottawa Senators send me several emails each week, though I haven’t been to a game for a few years. The Wolves have already played nine pre-season games and eight league games. Next home game is Friday, but I don’t think I can make it. Still, lots of time to take in some games before the season ends in March.


So that’s what was running through my head on Thanksgiving evening. Random, wasn’t it?


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