Onion Cake

It sounds more impressive in German than in English: zwiebelkuchen. It is all the rage in my area of Germany these days.

It didn’t sound appealing to me at all. I mean, onion cake? Onions are useful as an accent in salads or perhaps fried, but I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to put them in a cake. When I saw one I was further confused.

It didn’t look like a cake to me but more like a quiche. As we all know, real men don’t eat quiche, so I passed on the experience.

Nevertheless, on Saturday evening I found myself in the  neighbouring village of Britzingen at their annual Onion Cake Festival. We had been invited by friends, and I figured I could enjoy their company but could decline the cake.

Britzingen has quite a few festivals, and I figured this one would be smaller than most since I had seen no advertisements for it. It seemed pretty simple: if you wanted onion cake you went to the village’s only cafe, bought one and ate it. They also had sausages and beverages available for people like me who wanted nothing to do with Zwiebelkuchen.

I was quite surprised to discover that the onion cake in Britzingen was very different from the onion cake I had seen earlier in the week. This was no quiche, it was more like pizza. It was a flatbread topped with onions, bacon and sour cream.  That might be better than quiche, but such a dish couldn’t be that popular, could it?

Apparently it could be. Since I wasn’t having any, I let my wife line up to make the purchase. I figured it would probably be about 15 minutes before she got back to the  table with her food. It was an hour. Britzingen has about 1,000 residents, and I think they all had a craving for onion cake at the same time. The place was packed. Staff were making the cakes as fast as they could, but it wasn’t fast enough. Still, she was lined up with friends and I gather the wait wasn’t boring.

Still, I wouldn’t line up for an hour for this. Would you?IMG_20180929_1910375.jpg


  1. That’ll be it then! 😀

  2. Brad Darbyson · · Reply

    Leave the oatcakes for one meal Scotsman – try the onions and cabbage for your health!

  3. Nope! Does it have some sort of addictive drug hidden in it?! What’s with he queues?

    1. I couldn’t figure it out – maybe it is that there is nothing else to do in town. Other than two wineries and the cafe, there are no stores in Britzingen.

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