Waiting For A Plane XXXI – Basel

I had thought to kill this series after the 30th installment – but continuing it saves me the effort of coming up with a new title for airport-related posts.

Strictly speaking, by the time I took these pictures we were no longer waiting for a plane – the flight had already been cancelled. Which gave us the opportunity to see a part of Basel airport I had never been to before, the restaurant level.

It is a small airport, and food options were limited, but there was this sculpture by Jean Tinguely, “The Luminator,” that I thought fit quite well with the air travel theme. I’m not sure though what the dead animals have to do with it.

There was probably an explanation of that – there was a sign detailing the sculpture. I just wanted to eat and run though – when I took these pictures I was supposed to already be on a flight to Canada. Instead I was on my way to take a city bus to take me to a train that would take me to another train that would take me to another bus and eventually, a day later, to a flight to Canada. All courtesy of an airline that has yet to apologize.

And they wonder why people don’t like air travel?

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  1. […] This colorful piece is found on the grounds of the Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland. The museum celebrates the life and works of Jean Tinguely, whose work I featured here once before. […]

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