Church on Sunday


Regular readers of this blog know that I attend church on Sunday, no matter where I am or what the local language. I could explain why at length, but I have no intention today of writing about Christian theology or practice.

I am supposed to attend a different sort of church service this morning, a baptism. In the tradition I was raised in there are baptismal tanks in ever church building. This service though is being held on the banks of the Rhine River and the baptism will take place in the river itself. I think it is special to be baptized in one of the world’s great rivers – though every baptism is special. That is all a little off topic though. As well as going to church on Sunday, more often than not on this day I like to feature photos from a church I have visited.

Yesterday I was in the village of Riegel to see an art exhibit. (That will be a future post.) Walking through town we came upon St. Martin’s church. The door was open, so we went in.IMG_20180707_1637034

There has been a church on this site for 1300 years, more or less. Needless to say there have been a few architectural revisions over the years. I should know enough about church architecture to point them out to you, but I appear to have forgotten a lot of what I once learned about church design. I blame old age for that one – it’s a convenient excuse. I gather most of the current building dates from the 18th century, with extensive repairs after a 1936 fire and bomb damage in 1944.

It’s a beautiful place to visit – I hope the pictures do it justice.





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