Online Security?

I can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention to Facebook’s posting policy. All I ever post is this blog, and it is generally uncontroversial.

I was aware that nudity is forbidden. I think I learned that from news reports quoting outraged mothers whose breastfeeding photos were deemed inappropriate.

However, I was somewhat flabbergasted when Facebook announced it was introducing controls to combat revenge porn. If you are unfamiliar with the term, revenge porn is the public posting of intimate photos and videos by former lovers. I gather there are Internet sites devoted to such material – though I am not willing to research it.

Facebook though is offering to protect you from such embarrassment. Not being a computer guy, I am a little hazy on how it works. But what I have read of it doesn’t impress me.

Apparently, in order to protect you from people posting nude photos of you, Facebook wants you to send them a nude photo. For comparison purposes. Then, if someone posts a nude photo of you, their staff will use photo-matching tools and somehow they will block it or scrub it, so no-one can see it. Doesn’t that seem public spirited of them?

I’m not sure how that is supposed to provide peace of mind, given Facebook’s track record for data security and selling subscriber information. I would probably be even more worried about giving Facebook a nude photo than I am about some old pictures showing up online. I have no reason to trust Facebook.

Plus, I’m not too worried about revenge porn. I don’t remember ever posing for nude pictures. If any exist, they would have been taken by my parents back in the 1950s. Some people think it is cute to take pictures of naked babies; parents probably still do these things.

If that is the case, I think the photos, if they still exist, would be in my sister’s possession. I think she took the box of family photos when my parents moved out of their house. There is a theoretical possibility she could post them as revenge for some imagined slight from our childhood, but nobody would recognize me anyway.

What about you? Are you worried about revenge porn? Would you be willing to send Facebook a picture of you without any clothing? I’m curious as to your response. Either take the poll below or leave a comment.

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