The Ear Worm

This wasn’t the post I had planned for today. That one will show up tomorrow.

It is Monday afternoon as I write this, on the bus home from German class. The class was even more difficult than usual because I have an ear worm.

You know about ear worms, right? A song or portion thereof that gets stuck in your head, repeating over and over. I’m trying to figure out the difference between the accusative and dative cases, and my brain is singing “Late night radio creeping back to haunt me; Where you gonna listen now? I guess depending where you turn your dial.” That line resonates with me as someone who has been a late-night (and all night) radio disc jockey.

I know I haven’t heard the song in decades. It wasn’t a hit. But I recognize the voice in my head – it is a tune by Burton Cummings. The song must be 40 years old. I have no idea of the title or why it has chosen to take over my brain on this Monday afternoon.

I’m thankful though that my brain has relatively good taste. Burton provides a soothing soundtrack for the afternoon and the tune I’m hearing in my head doesn’t annoy me. It could have been much worse.

Pop music is littered with catchy songs that you probably don’t want to hear again. Ever. I’m enjoying Burton Cummings, he’s always been one of my favourite singers. Suppose instead it had been “Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Love in my Tummy” by Ohio Express. That’s one I don’t want to ever have stuck in my brain. Or “On Top of Spaghetti.”

So I’ll happily live with what Google tells me is “Sugartime Flashback Joys” echoing through my head. I’m pleased to share it with you today.

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