I Have Heard His Name Before…

…but seeing this quote in my Twitter feed (and a number of others when I went looking for the image) has convinced me that I want to read some works published by Stanford University professor Thomas Sowell.

If what I saw quickly online is any indication, he has a tendency to speak his mind and espouse some less than politically correct ideas. My problem at this point is figuring out where to start. Or maybe it isn’t a problem – I’ll start with whichever e-book is in stock at the library.




One comment

  1. I have been a huge fan of Dr. Sowell for many, many years. He is soft-spoken and eloquent, but pulls no punches when dismantling the follies and fallacies of our modern society. He used to publish a weekly column up until a few months ago, but, sadly, he has retired now. He is an actual economist, and that sets him apart from mere talking heads to “think” they know all about economics. I recommend reading anything of his that you can get your hands on. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it very much. It was like getting a postcard from a long lost friend.

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