Outside, After Dinner


Went to a family gathering on Saturday night. I expect to write a bit about that later.

I won’t be writing about the experience of meeting  a bunch of relatives for the first time. That probably doesn’t interest you. However part of the event was held in a museum, and that I think you will enjoy.

That  is another day though. Today is the after-dinner portion.

It was hot, the room where the meal had been served was small and crowded, so I stepped outside where it was cooler. The band somehow sounded better in the outdoors too and I was able to get closer to where they were playing. (When I think about it, I doubt they actually sounded better, but I was more comfortable in the cool night air, which meant I enjoyed their music more.)

It wasn’t just the music though. The night sky dazzled me. The sun had set, the moon had risen, and everything was a deep shade of indigo. Or what my mind has identified as indigo – sometimes I have  colour issues.

Looking through the tree branches I felt the view should be captured and shared. I don’t think the pictures really do the scene justice – but it was the best I could do.

One comment

  1. Fabulous photos. I love those moments when you can step away from a crowd and enjoy views, especially at night, all alone. They seem as if they are all yours.

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