The Church in St. Ilgen

The town has a population of about 90, while the church looks like it will hold at least twice that number. I don’t know if that means the town is shrinking or whether the builders were optimistic.

It was 16 Celsius and sunny when we walked to St. Ilgen. At the back of the church I noticed there was a thermometer hidden away. The indoor temperature was just eight degrees. These old buildings don’t have much in the way of a heating system – I have noticed that people keep their coats on during the worship services.

I wasn’t sure who St. Ilgen was. The same name as Saint Giles I think, just in a different language. Why the church is named St. Agidius, which I gather is another version of Giles I don’t know. You would think consistency would be important., but maybe not.

The church has been around since 1089 (no, that’s not a typo) with a few renovations over the years. Today I thought I would share a few photos. It is off the beaten track – you will probably never go to St. Ilgen yourself.


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