I Couldn’t Resist


Another weekend, another Advent Market, the fourth one we have attended and the first in what is now really the Advent season. Pictures and commentary coming in a couple of days, but I wanted to show you this right now.IMG_1227

I have seen American vendors bragging about “foot-long” hot dogs, though I have never seen one that actually was that length. So I was skeptical at the claim of a “half-meter” sausage. That would be 20 inches, beating out the Americans considerably.

Turns out that the claim was true. I’ve never seen a sausage  that long before. The sausage is cut in half and served in a baguette. Ketchup or mustard is included for your four Euros; other toppings are extra. IMG_1228

For that amount of meat the price seemed reasonable. It was also very tasty – though rather filling.

Enjoy your Monday!





  1. I knew a German who lived in Frankfurt. He didn’t like being called a Frankfurter, so he moved to Hamberg.

    1. Not going there. And you should be ashamed of yourself!

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