Waiting For A Plane XXVIII – Munich Again

Waiting for the last flight of a trip always seems to be the most tedious. I just want the voyage to be over.

I think this was a different terminal than the flight we took from this airport earlier in the week – we had to take a shuttle train between the buildings. At nine o’clock on this Friday night they toy store is closing. I guess toys aren’t a big seller on Fridays. The business travellers must have already headed home for the weekend. The tourists don’t buy toys at the airport. I wonder who does.

There were no food choices on the flight from Larnaca. I’m not complaining. It was beef and potatoes, a roll and a dessert. The meal was hot and tasty, which is not always the case on planes. I skipped lunch, which may have made it taste even better.

I’m tired and just want them to call the flight. This one is only 45 minutes, followed by a drive of about the same length. Then home. First night in the new apartment – we’ve been staying with friends for the first month in Germany. It’s been great, but it will be nice to finally have a place to call home – even if we won’t have a kitchen until December. (I remember writing a post about that, just can’t remember now if I shared it with you. Let me know if I didn’t and I’ll get it online soon.)

Every time I am in an airport I try to think of how the experience can be improved to make air travel exciting and fun, which it was fifty years ago. That was when the meals were served on china plates with proper cutlery, not the plastic stuff I get now. That was when you could just walk onto the plane without any security being involved. It was a much more trusting world.

Bottom line is, I can’t come up with any ideas that would make the experience better without compromising security. Well, I can but they wouldn’t be adopted.

I’d like to see lower prices for everything on sale at the airport. I’d like to see reduced airfares. I’d like to have the security checks take no more than 60 seconds, including the wait in line.

None of those ideas will be adopted. People will continue to dislike air travel.

At least this time it is a short flight and I will be home soon.


  1. Businesspeople who want to give their children gifts will buy toys.

    1. Not if the store is closed.

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