Waiting For A Plane XXVI – Munich

It’s a fast dash between planes but it is a small airport.IMG_20171030_074237

The first time I was here I seem to recall free coffee and newspapers for all passengers. But that was almost a decade ago. There are still newspapers, but only in German, which doesn’t help me any. I didn’t see any coffee.

I’m not quite sure why we have to go though passport control yet again. Is that a security measure? We just came off a plane. If we were intent on causing mayhem we could have done so already. But it is quick, at least this time. In Frankfurt and Istanbul on previous trips the security check between flights has been long and tedious.IMG_20171030_074231

It’s almost 8 a.m. And the day already feels long. We got into the car for the drive to Basel just before four. It will be another four hours before we get to the hotel in Cyprus.

Cyprus wasn’t my idea, but it is a central location for people coming from a wide area. I’ve never been there before, but didn’t bother looking at possible tourist activities. This is a working trip, I didn’t see any place I could fit in some sightseeing. Maybe I could have stayed later to do the tourist thing, but I have meetings back in Germany right after the Cyprus ones finish. Home to change clothes is about it. Besides, the place where we are staying is supposedly very nice but isolated. The town is about an hour’s walk away. I am too cheap to take a cab.

Airports involve a lot of waiting. Teleportation would be much more efficient, but the technology doesn’t exist yet. Even if it did, I’m not certain I would trust it. I can think of too many ways things could go wrong.

I imagine my great-grandfather saying the same thing a century ago when the idea of commercial air travel first came up. I’m sure there was no way they were getting him up in one of those planes. There was too much that could go wrong.

There’s still too much that could go wrong, but we don’t really think of it when we fly. We assume that the plane will go up and come down in the proper fashion.

It’s the waiting that drains me. Maybe teleportation isn’t such a bad idea after all.


  1. Sharon Robertson · · Reply

    Lorne I have used a Zomba vaccum for many years now. Sure beats lugging my big vaccum up the two flights of stairs at my place.
    Timothy very recently said something like we are living in the Jetson’s now. I think that if Teleportation could be done safely wouldn’t that save so many hours on those airplane seats. We would be living in the Star Trek era of the l960’s that we watched on TV after school 🙂

  2. InseasonNout · · Reply

    The waiting gives you time to write your blog. That’s good right?

    1. I’d rather be there, wherever it is I am going.

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