Waiting For A Plane XXV – Basel

It can’t be the look on my face. They never look at my face.

Airport security is always an ordeal for me. Especially at 4 a.m.

I know the various screening procedures are for my own protection and that of the other passengers. That’s a good thing. I have no problem with being secure. But I seem to cause a problem.

I have flown enough that I know the drill. Empty pockets. Place carry-on luggage on conveyer. Remove computer, tablet and phones from the carry-on so they will scan better. A few years ago removing shoes and belt was required, but that doesn’t seem to be the case these days.

However, I am convinced that if I stripped naked it wouldn’t do any good. I always set off the scanner alarm.

That’s when they make me remove anything else that might be in my pockets, even though it is not metal, and go through again. And again, the alarm beeps.

Sometimes the next step is to be scanned by a hand-held wand. When it beeps I get a thorough pat down, from my neck to my ankles.

Of course, they found nothing of interest.

I wonder what it is that causes these alarms. I had surgery almost two decades ago – did some instrument get left inside? No, that can’t be it, I’ve had x-rays and other scans since then and nothing foreign showed up. At least nothing that anyone told me about

Must be my magnetic personality.

Or maybe the scanners are set to beep randomly to keep the security people employed.


  1. Sandra E Blank · · Reply

    Lorne, it was easier 30 years ago because you were 30 years younger!
    Isn’t it wonderful that you are still healthy enough to do God’s work. We enjoy your blogs. Mike, our son, forwards them to us. We’ll stay tuned. Be safe, Sandy Blank

  2. “Magnetic personality”…did you have to go there? lol

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