Kenya Safari I

It occurred to me it has been a while since I posted any travel photos. Since I will be travelling for the next couple of days it makes sense (to me anyway) to give you a few days of photo essays.

In 2001 I went on a trip to Kenya with a friend. He was on he board of an NGO and checking out some projects the organization was involved in My official role was to keep him from being eaten by lions. His theory was that, since I had lived in Africa at one point, I would know how to protect him. I didn’t tell him we didn’t have lions in Liberia, except perhaps at the zoo in Monrovia.

We were mostly in Nairobi, but it wasn’t all work; we did have a chance to venture into the Masai Mara for a short safari. These photos (and the next two posts) are from that adventure. And yes, I did keep him safe from lions.


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  1. these photos are beautiful.

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