The Friendly Skies

With a title like that, borrowing from the United Airlines slogan, I know you are expecting something about air travel. Not today. Consider the title my version of clickbait.IMG_20170502_112749

Tuesday morning I noticed, while checking news updates, that the famed Canadian Forces Snowbirds (and their French counterpart, Patrouille de France) would be doing a flypast over Parliament Hill momentarily. The event that had been previously postponed due to weather conditions.

Not knowing when I would have the chance to see them in action again, I stopped what I was doing and went outside to watch. The timing was actually perfect – I had a teleconference scheduled anyway, and it was as easy to do by cell phone outdoors as it would have been to use a land line.

As air shows go it wasn’t extravagant, two quick flypasts and the planes were gone. Quick is a relative term of course: at the speeds these jets travel just making the turn takes them about 10 kilometres from the Hill.IMG_20170502_113850

I did regret that I only had my trusty BlackBerry with me. Should have brought a camera to get better pictures, but I was thinking phone call not blog post.

I could talk about air shows I have seen in the past, the thrill of aerobatics performed a few thousand feet above the crowd. But I won’t. Such shows are better suited to video than word pictures. I didn’t think to do video either – my mind must have been concentrated on work.

The crowd was quite impressive for a Tuesday morning for what was essentially an unscheduled show. About a thousand people I think, perhaps more. It is tough to tell in a space that big. I guess it gave everyone an excuse to leave their desks for a few minutes and enjoy the weather. It wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t raining. May has been pretty much all rain so far. Given that Spring has been slow coming this year, we didn’t need much of an excuse.


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