A Walk In St. James Park

Ottawa has been walloped with snow this week. Sunday we had 28 centimetres (almost a foot if you use Imperial measurement) of fluffy white stuff, delaying and canceling flights at the airport. Flights were cancelled at the airport, though thankfully not mine. We did take off two-and-a-half hours late though.img_9682

We usually get about 254 centimetres of snow annually, and this week’s snowfall brought us above that. (I know these statistics because I have oversight of a snow removal contract that costs extra when we have extra snow.)

So I wasn’t complaining at all when Tuesday in London was a mix of sun and cloud with a high of ten degrees Celsius. I felt sorry for the people in Ottawa digging out from the snow.img_9681

The last time I was in London at this time of year I don’t remember it being this warm and green. Mind you, that was a whirlwind visit back in 2001 – six hours between flights and a mad dash into the city for high tea at Harrods. I was expecting it to be warmer than Ottawa this time around, but I still thought there would be traces of snow. Instead it looks like the golf courses have been open for a while, judging from the condition of the greens I could see from the train.

I had time between meetings Tuesday and no particular tourist agenda, so I just wandered in the central part of the city. A couple of blocks from Parliament I came across St. James Park. No leaves on the trees yet, but the grass is already a vibrant green.

It’s been 36 years since I last wandered through this park. I don’t remember the waterside areas being reserved for wildlife, but that could just be my failing memory. Otherwise it seemed unchanged, except of course for seasonal differences – it was summer the last time I was here.

I had the camera with me, so I took a few pictures. Given the snow of an Ottawa winter, it looked decidedly summery to me.


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