Winterlude/Bal de Neige

img_20170202_143125The annual Winterlude Festival began in Ottawa yesterday, three days of Winter fun that draws tourists from around the world. I don’t expect to take part.

It’s not that I don’t like Winter. I used to join in the festivities, going out to see the snow sculptures and ice sculptures, skating on the Rideau Canal (the world’s longest skating rink) eating Beavertails and drinking Ice Hog Grog, but I haven’t done that for years. I don’t even get to the concerts, which admittedly can be a bit iffy if you are at one of the outdoor shows and it is minus twenty.

My [problem is more one of timing. I can’t just take off work to enjoy the daytime festivities, like I did when i was a student. And there always seems to be something on in the evenings that takes a higher priority. Or, as seems to happen more often than not in February, I am traveling and not in town for most of the festival.

However, I noticed yesterday that the bar/restaurant across from my office was getting into the Winterlude spirit. They commissioned an ice sculpture of a tractor, presumably because they have a farm decor. Since I was walking by, I snapped a picture which is your tourist plug for the day. If you like Winter activities, Ottawa during Winterlude is a nice place to visit. Start making your plans for next year.




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