A New Year Begins

Welcome to 2017. Good to have you aboard for the ride.

Traditionally this is a day to make self-improvement resolutions. I think January 10 is the traditional day for abandoning most of those, which is one of the reasons I don’t bother with making them.

It’s not that I don’t need improvement. My wife (and my friends) have a list. But the timing seems artificial and arbitrary to me. Change shouldn’t be contingent on a calendar date.

So welcome to the resolution-free version of New Year’s Day. Yesterday we looked back a little, today we look forward.

At this point 2017 is a year of promise. We don’t know what it will bring, but we have hope. Sometimes it seems like that is all we have.

For example, I hope that Donald Trump will be a better president than the people of the United States expect and deserve. Most of my friends see that idea as more delusional than hopeful.

I hope the Ottawa Senators (or at least a Canadian team) will win the Stanley Cup this year. That’s a longshot I know, but this time last year so was President Trump. Gotta have hope.

It would probably be considered lunacy to hope for peace in the Middle East, but I do. Peace and justice, because one without the other doesn’t work very well.

I hope Canada’s Conservative Party will select a new leader who can provide a credible alternative to Prime Minister Selfie. I hope the same for the New Democratic Party, though I am less optimistic about them. Last time I looked there were 14 people vying to become Conservative leader. The NDP job has been open for seven months and so far they have no candidates.

No matter what the year, hope only takes you so far. Some things require action. Whether it is climate change, refugee crises, homelessness, poverty or pharma care, nothing much is going to happen unless people come together to make them happen. Liking something on Facebook or Twitter is not enough.

So apparently there is a need for New Year’s resolutions today. I resolve to be less of a bystander and more of a participant in 2017. I will lose my objectivity and get involved in a cause or two, for the good of society.

Won’t you join me? What will be your cause for 2017?


One comment

  1. Better president than the U.S. …deserves? What does it deserve?
    I’m sure there will be plenty to do in Ottawa. Always volunteer work to do!

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