Monthly Archives: December 2016

Christmas Eve

The Queen’s birthday is a national holiday in Canada. We celebrate it on what is described as the “May 24th long weekend.” May 24 is not the birthday of the reigning queen, Elizabeth II but that of her great-great- grandmother, Victoria, who reigned for most of the 19th century. People got used to the May […]

Winter Wonderland

As I walked to the bus stop yesterday… …I had to take some pictures.

Today’s Date: December 22

It’s three days before Christmas. I was going to post something about Aleppo, but figured that would be depressing. Maybe next week, or early in the new year. Then I thought about doing something about Christmas shopping. The craziness of the malls, the rude crowds. But that would mean doing research, and why would I […]

Christmas Tree Decorations

You wouldn’t believe my day yesterday. Or maybe you would. Anyway, I didn’t have a chance to finish the post I had planned for today. It is the first day of winter after all. So instead I’m repeating the most popular post of last year’s Christmas season. I still immensely dislike this cat, but at […]

Transit Blues

When the fare inspector steps onto the bus you can feel the tension mounting. Ottawa’s transit system works on the honour system, at least for the articulated buses that allow rear-door entry. You are supposed to swipe you payment card and a record is made of your trip. The key words in that sentence are […]

Electoral Reform I

I wrote this a couple of weeks back, then decided not to post it. Today I’m reconsidering. For Canadians I’m just retelling something they already know. But it occurs to me that not everyone has had a chance to join the conversation – and it is not limited to Canadians. So today a lesson in […]

A Christmas Carol

It is a timeless biblical story of redemption and grace without reference to any scripture. But watching a production of A Christmas Carol you somehow feel that Charles Dickens knew what he was doing. A version of the stage play is at Canada’s National Arts Centre until December 31. I was there Friday night and […]