Star Wars: Rogue One

The new Star Wars film opens today. Advance reviews have been very positive. I thought about being excited, then decided against it.

I don’t know if Rogue One will be any good. The trailer looked like more of the same to me, another Star Wars movie, with a different cast. The film is about the struggle between good and evil. Nothing new there. Good wins, in the end anyway – you might have to wait for the sequel to see that. Nothing new there either. (No I have heard nothing about a sequel, but Hollywood loves them, so it is a safe bet.)

In anticipation of the new film, having seen the previous seven Star Wars flicks, I decided to watch last year’s epic, The Force Awakens. I figured it would get me in the mood. I was a little surprised that I didn’t enjoy it on television at home the way I did in the theatre. I guess it needs a big screen, surround sound and popcorn. The plot holes seemed bigger, the acting more wooden, the situations more implausible. It is entertainment, but only if you don’t think too hard.

Maybe that is the appeal of the Star Wars franchise. Sheer escapism, sensual stimulation, an easy to follow plot and the good guys win. So often in reality it seems like the good guys don’t win. Especially if you watch television news.

So sometime in the near future I’ll head to my local cinema and watch Rogue One. I’m sure I’ll be entertained. I may even be impressed enough to write about it. I wonder what the odds are?

I’m curious about your thoughts. There’s been a huge marketing push for this film. Are you going to see it? Choose from the options in the poll below.



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