Experimental Farm I

We were visiting a patient at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and afterward  walked across the street to the Central Experimental Farm‎ to wander through the paths there.img_20161030_173944

The farm is somewhat of an anomaly – a thousand of acres of farmland in an urban setting. Mind you, in 1886, when the land was set aside for agricultural experimentation the area was rural. The city has grown, and, for whatever reason, ‎the farm has stayed in place.

It is a popular spot. Not only does it house the national agriculture museum, but it provides lots of green spaces to couples looking for a picturesque spot for wedding photos. And it remains a working farm.img_20161030_174008

Back in the 1960s it was where the federal government grew marijuana for research purposes. Those fields were moved elsewhere as the crops were just too tempting to local potheads looking for high quality weed. Or so the story goes; I never saw the stuff growing myself, though I heard about it.img_20161030_173952

Anyway, while on our walk I noticed this pile of logs that looked like they had been there for a while. I doubt whoever cut and stacked them was looking to create an aesthetic impression, but to me they did look sort of artful. So I took out my phone and took some pictures. I hope you enjoy the result. If you are intrigued by the glowing building inn the last photo, you should make sure to check this space tomorrow.



  1. Did you play on the logs?

  2. hose cuttings look like the elms taken out of Mooney’s Bay Beach last summer clearing for the play park.

    1. To me they look like they could be a fun play park in and of themselves, the sort of thing we would play on as children. Alas, in this litigious, over-structured world, children today don’t know the joy of such play.

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