Monday Morning Trump

Three weeks until the US presidential election, and it would be so easy to devote this space solely to that topic until November 8, but I will show restraint and spare you that. Just a couple of quick thoughts for today.

Two months ago I thought Donald Trump had the White House locked up. Today I think it is too close to call – but it appears he is heading towards a loss. The decline is entirely his own doing. At a time when he should have been able to set the stage for victory, he apparently has deliberately self-destructed. I suggested last year that Trump may not have been taking the idea of being President all that seriously. Perhaps I was right.

This past week there have been several allegations that Trump has a history of sexual assault. This has me confused. The best political parties do opposition research on their own candidates. That way there are no surprises during the campaign, and unsuitable candidates are weeded out long before their names go on the ballot. Good opposition research means you know more about the candidate than his mother does. The Republicans should have known this about Trump, or at the very least that there was a possibility of allegations. I suspect the Democrats knew – the timing to me is pretty much perfect for maximum effect at the right time.

I realize that it appears I am accepting the claims of the women who have come forward as true. They may not be, several of the incidents seem unlikely to me, but the behavior described is consistent with Trump’s own testimony. (Which is why I agree with Trump that his opponents are orchestrating this. An eleven-year-old tape of him boasting about his sexual exploits surfaces. He dismisses it as just “locker room” talk and that he would never actually behave that way. Then the women start coming forward. For the Democrats the problem is that Trump has already set up an alternate universe in which truth is irrelevant and he is the savior of America. His followers are no longer connected to reality. No matter what the accusations, the true believers are not going to waver.)

What surprises me most is Trump’s reasoning. Denying the incidents happened and saying his accusers are liars is to be expected. How else would he respond? But to suggest that one of the alleged assaults didn’t take place because he doesn’t think the woman is attractive enough suggests to me that the man is quite capable of what was described. A decent human being wouldn’t consider sexually assaulting another. A politician, mindful of the voters, wouldn’t suggest that they were capable of assault only on beautiful women.

But Donald Trump isn’t a politician, as he likes to remind us. And apparently not a decent human being either. From what I have read, sexual assault is first and foremost about power. Sex has very little to do with it.

Donald Trump likes power. After all, he has a list of people he wants to jail when he becomes president. You can draw your own conclusions.


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