Marijuana For Sale

I’m confused. Which makes me pretty much like every Canadian.

We can be confused about many things and for many reasons, but what has me confused today is marijuana. And no, I have never smoked the stuff, so my confusion can’t be blamed on overindulgence.

It is too much knowledge that causes my confusion. I know marijuana is illegal in Canada, Possession is illegal, selling it even more so. Drug trafficking is a quick ticket to a prison cell.

Yet at the strip mall around the corner from my house there is a store that sells marijuana and related products. Or so says a newspaper report on the burgeoning retail industry. I haven’t checked it out. I don’t feel the need, and I wouldn’t want to be seen going into such a store, even for research purposes. Apparently though, the police are ignoring what is going on. Maybe they are confused too.img_20160926_161627

When I say that selling marijuana is illegal I am generalizing. You can get a prescription for the drug for use as a pain killer, and that allows you to buy from government licensed dispensaries who distribute their products solely by mail. You can’t go to the corner store and buy it. Not legally. But you would never know that – dispensaries are springing up everywhere it seems.

There are specific medical uses for marijuana, but I suspect most people going into these storefronts are buying for recreational not medical use. Supposedly if you don’t have a prescription the stores will arrange one, a Skype conversation with an obliging doctor is arranged on the spot.img_20160926_161642

I understand police reluctance to act. The Liberal party promised in 2015 that, should they win the federal election, they would decriminalize marijuana. They won (hopefully not solely due to that promise) but have taken no steps on the legalization front. Which leaves the police in limbo.

The law is on the books and you would expect the police to enforce it. That is what they are sworn to do and paid for. Yet at the same time, the countdown is on, theoretically anyway. So why should they expend the effort to enforce a law that may not exist this time next year?

I have difficulties with authorities who will not enforce the law. It seems to me that police inaction when it comes to marijuana shops brings the whole system of justice into disrepute. It isn’t up to the police to selectively enforce the law. Maybe it will be changed, but that change hasn’t happened yet. And if you can choose not to enforce the laws against marijuana sales, what law do you choose to ignore next? But maybe I am the only one who finds the situation disturbing.

For the record, if and when marijuana is legalized I won’t be trying it. I like reality quite fine thank you.


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  1. Up to local politicians to show leadership.

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