The Publishing Sensation of 2016

The beasty is called an American Trump
It’s skin is bright orange, its figure is plump;


My daughter the Kindergarten teacher brought home a new children’s book from the public library. She won’t be sharing it with her students though.

A Child’s First Book of Trump is written at a level that a five-year-old would understand it, on one level anyway. Despite the title though, this isn’t a book for children but rather for their parents. 0
It seems silly to do an extensive review of a child’s picture book. After all, it would take longer to read an in-depth review than the book. So I’ll keep it brief.
If you grew up with the works of Theodore Geisel among your first reads, you will love this book. Both the artwork and the rhyming style mimic  Dr. Suess. The absurdities and their renditions will delight old and young alike.
Of course the book might not go over terribly well in some areas of American society.  Republicans, generally a humourless bunch to start with, will be less than pleased to see their candidate lampooned in this fashion. (My response to that would be to tell them to do a better job at candidate selection next time. If indeed there is a next time.)

So what should you do with a Trump running wild?
The answer is all up to you, my dear child.

My first thought, which thrust itself to the forefront of my brain ‎while I was laughing, is that the author and illustrator of this book have taken a grave risk. I’m sure it will sell well, but what do they do if Trump wins in November? They’ll have two months to wrap up their affairs and seek asylum ‎in another country. After all, I have seen no evidence that “the Donald” has a sense of humour. I do get the impression though that he has a vindictive streak. I hope your bags are packed gentlemen.

One comment

  1. There’s no ordinary risk, simply because Mr. Trump chose to run for President. That means the First Amendment to our Constitution protects the author (Mr. Black is a prominent stand-up comedian), from any legal consequence for an act of ridicule or satire in response.

    If Mr. Trump was still only a rich private citizen, he would have more options to sue, arguing damage to his reputation for any untruths. But all forms of politically-based free speech are granted the widest latitude and immunity from legal liability.

    However, if Trump decides to hire a gang of “deplorables” to go after them anyway, your warning will be proved prophetic.

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